GHOST -- 2020   

Ghost utilizes photogrammetry scans of a Greenleaf dollhouse model and Angelino Victorian architecture as a kit-of-parts for designing a dance and performing arts school. The instruments, furniture, facades, and floorboards are treated as Tabula rasa in the scanning process. Within the animated film, scanned meshes churn and orbit. This representational strategy positions the architecture in a liminal space: between physical, digital, emergent and staged. The techniques and experiments employed in Ghost became a focal methodology for collecting and representing our research.

/GHOST is a collaborative work with Sam Kaufman.

Images: rendered elevations of sectional models revealing internal circulation, cave-like theaters, and practice rooms.
Film: digital animation panning through dance and performing arts school. The dollhouse model and the historic house on Carroll Ave were 3D scanned and digitally remixed to generate new forms.